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Final processing of face photo

  1. Download the script.
  2. In order to make the jaw animated, it has to be separated from the face. To support this operation, we made a script for GIMP application.
    SCM script Download the script to separate the jaw from the face
  3. Install the script.
  4. To install the script, you need to copy it into GIMP scripts folder suitable for your operating system.

    Windows: C:\user\<user_name>\.gimp-<Version number>\scripts\
    Mac OS X: /Users/<user_name>/Library/Application Support/GIMP/<Version number>/scripts/
    Linux: /home/<user_name>/.gimp-<Version number>/scripts/

    Afterwards open GIMP and refresh scripts.

  5. Let's use the template containing the face photo with removed background from the previous article. Select the jaw and the mouth using rectangle select tool.

  6. Remove selection of the upper mouth part (along with upper teeth if they're visible) with free select tool.

  7. Use the script on the face photo.

  8. Export face and jaw to separate PNG files. In order to do that, before each file export, change layers visibility settings.

  9. Use add face form in our service to upload face files.

  10. After uploading the files, you'll get the face code, which you can use in PhotoGames application.

  11. That's all, enjoy!